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Born – 11th July 1931
Died – 29th June 2014

It is with great sadness that I am writing this obituary and tribute to Roy Allum who was one of the last true gentlemen of our beloved sport.
He was sadly taken from his family and friends recently on the 29th of June whilst staying at the West Oak care home where he was looked after with great care and dignity.

Those of us that were fortunate enough to know Roy knew that he was a genius when it came to anything fishing related that needed repairing. Nothing was too much trouble or difficult for him to fix. I think this came from his background in the engineering field.
Roy was born in Twickenham and lived in Hampton where as an only child he enjoyed swimming, playing water polo and started his love of fishing. He always talked of his happy memories of his childhood.
Roy left school at 14 and started his long career at Gays Hampton engineering company and 5 years later, after gaining his qualifications he left to join the R.E.ME. where he spent 18 months in Egypt doing his national service.
He met Joan, the great love of his life at the Blue Triangle Youth Club in Hampton where Joan sang in the choir. Although Roy was no great shakes as a singer it is rumoured that he joined the choir so as to get to know Joan. He was the true gent during their courtship and always made sure that she was escorted home safely after their days out.
They married in Hampton on the 29th of January 1956, which surprised Joan, as Roy did not propose until the night of the 28th.
Roy then got a job at Premier Precision in Bracknell before moving onto Sperry Gyroscopes where he worked directly with the design engineers on the "Blue Streak Rocket Missile" in the 60's

Whilst working at Sperry's he started to build his famous centre pin reels. These were true reels of pure quality.
Roy loved his fishing and his great passion was with the rivers where he would take his son Ralph, as soon as he was old enough to hold a rod. Ralph has many fond memories of time spent with his dad both fishing and being sent out in the cold to collect the worms before their trips out.

He had a wide range of musical tastes ranging from Scot Joplin to Mama Cass and enjoyed taking Joan to the Festival Hall and the Hexagon for live concerts.

In the early 80's he made a major career change and went to work in the retail industry. In 1985 he started work in Turners Tackle with Mike Stratton and this was where I personally had the pleasure of meeting him for the first time. He later worked with Angela at Thames Valley Angling where he passed on his huge knowledge to all who needed help. If you broke it he would fix it. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

I have personal memories of sitting with him on one of our local club lakes talking about the good old days and marvelled at his never ceasing passion for all things angling related.

Sadly in 2008 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease which although badly affecting his mobility he fought with great dignity until he lost his long battle on the 29th of June.

If we all lived our lives the way Roy lived his, the world would be a lot better place for it.

Roy leaves behind a family who he loved greatly and our thoughts go out to them at this sad time.
A great man who will be sadly missed by all those who had the privilege to know him and loved him.

Tight lines old buddy.


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Waters Avaliable To Reading Fishing Club Members:

Tapperns Lake - Theale
A quiet, peaceful, platformed lake with two wider disabled platforms, with vehicular access on payment of a £5.00 deposit. Tapperns is stocked with all species, best Carp 29.5lb, and best Perch 4lb 6oz.
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Osier Lake - Theale
A much bigger lake next to Tapperns that provides a challenge. Very weedy in the summer months, but in our first year has provided carp to 22.5lb, a male Tench of 8lb 12oz and Pike to 26lb 8oz. There is unknown potential for other species.
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Child Beale Complex - The Lake
This lake has produced Carp to 35+lb this season, Pike to 30lb, Bream to 12lb, large Tench and all other species.

River Thames
Three large Bream shoals are known to inhabit this stretch and on the right day an angler could catch in excess of 100lb. Large Carp, Pike, Perch, Chub and Roach are also caught on this stretch. This stretch of river is in one of the most beautiful settings with Hartslock Wood opposite and conjures up thoughts of Wind in the Willows.

Tapperns and Osier benefit from a gated and fenced car park and complex.
Child Beale offers fun for non-fishing family members to visit the animal and bird park where café and toilet facilities are also available.