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Reading Fishing Club Fixture List 2014/2015

Date Designation Venue Notes
1 Club Match Froxfield A  
Results 1st   D Bosher 5-5-0   2nd A Wolsey 1-14-0  3rd A Ivans 1-13-0  4th T Tibble 1-11-0
8 Club Match Tapperns Tapperns Trophy
Results 1st   M Hornblow 14-6-0   2nd J Ambrose 7-7-0  3rd T Holt 2-4-0  4th L Wilby 1-14-0
5th P Budaji 1-1-0    6th L Kemp 1-0-0    7th K Wilkins 0-5-0    8th P Godfrey 0-4-0
22 Club Match Beat 5A Points
Results 1st  D Bosher 15-9-0    2nd M Stanley  5-10-0     3rd R Stephens 2-13-0    4th P Budaji 2-5-0
5th T Holt 2-4-0     6th K Wilkins 1-3-0    7th P Godfrey 0-14-0    8th L Wilby 0-12-0   9th M Fairley  dnw
6 R&DAA River Kennet  
13 Club Match Beat 4B Points
Results 1st J Berry 8-0-0    2nd L Wilby  4-13-0     3rd J Baker 4-7-0    4th P Budaji 3-14-0
5th D Bosher 3-1-0     6th  A Ivans 2-7-0    7th K Wilkins 2-3-0    8th T Holt 0-12-0   9th G Callaghan 0-7-0
10th I Carey dnw
27 Club Match Tapperns Float Only Cup
Results 1st D Bosher 12-12-0    2nd M Andrews 11-2-0     3rd P Godfrey 7-10-0    4th B Tucker 4-14-0
5th J Baker 4-12-0     6th  T Holt 4-9-0    7th L Wilby 3-15-0    8th K Wilkins 3-14-0   9th M Hornblow 2-4-0
10th S Tucker 2-0-0    11th H Rawlings 1-1-0   12th P Budaji 0-10-0  13th J Berry dnw    14th J Ambrose dnw 
15th I Stewart dnw
3 R&DAA River Kennet  
10 Club Match Beat 4A Points
Results 1st K Wilkins 2-15-0 2nd P Budaji 2-11-0 3rd L Wilby 1-15-0 4th T Holt 1-3-0 5th J Harding dnw
17 BBQ Match Tapperns & Osier  
Results 1st J Berry 14-10-0   2nd D Cox 14-1-0   3rd P Godfrey 6-13-0   4th S Tucker 6-12-0
5th A Ivens 6-11-0   6th J Ambrose 6-1-0   7th J Cox 5-1-0   8th B Tucker 4-10-0   9th T Holt 2-8-0
10th P Budaji 1-12-0   11th L Wilby 1-8-0  12th K Wilkins 0-10-0  13th = B Willis dnw   D Bosher dnw
M Gower dnw    A Pitman dnw   M Hornblow dnw    H Rawlings dnw
24 Club Match Beat 5B Points
Results 1st P Godfrey 7-9-0    2nd J Berry 7-4-0     3rd K Wilkins 4-10-0    4th J Baker 3-1-0
4th L Wilby 3-1-0     5th  T Tibble 2-9-0    6th D Bosher 2-8-0   7th P Budaji 2-5-0  8th G Callaghan 2-2-0
9th T Holt 1-3-0    10th I Stewart dnw
31 Club Match Child Beale River  
Results 1st A Ivens 7-6-0    2nd L Wilby 7-1-0     3rd P Budaji 6-9-0    4th R Stephens 5-8-0
5th D Bosher 5-1-0     6th  P Godfrey 4-13-0    7th K Wilkins 3-14-0   8th L Kemp 3-13-0  9th J Baker 2-12-0
10th I Carey 2-3-0    11th T Holt 2-2-0  12th I Stewart 0-10-0    13th B Willis 0-8-0
7 R&DAA River Kennet  
14 Club Match Beat 4A Points
Results 1st K Wilkins 2-14-0    2nd J Ambrose 2-8-0     3rd P Godfrey 2-4-0    4th T Holt 1-11-0
4th P Budaji 1-11-0     5th  A Wolsey 1-6-0    6th G Callaghan 1-0-0
21 Club Match Goring Lower Points
Results 1st P Godfrey 13-6-0    2nd P Budaji 8-8-0     3rd D Bosher 8-4-0    4th M Hornblow 7-15-0
5th G Callaghan 6-12-0     6th  J Ambrose 6-1-0    7th K Wilkins 5-12-0   8th L Kemp 3-8-0    9thT Holt 3-4-0
5 R&DAA River Kennet  
12 Club Match Wallingford B Points
Results 1st  P Budaji 13-5-0    2nd D Bosher 7-12-0     3rd J Berry 7-2-0    4th M Stanley 5-8-0
5th P Godfrey 3-6-0     6th  G Callaghan 2-15-8    7th J Baker 2-15-0   8th K Wilkins 2-11-0    9th M Fairey 2-10-0
19 Club Match Promenade  
Results 1st P Godfrey 14-1-0   2nd D Bosher 10-11-0   3rd J Berry 10-1-0   4th A Ivens 8-10-0   5th T Holt 7-6-0
6th E Cichocki 7-4-0   7th K Wilkins 6-12-0   8th M Stanley 6-11-0   9th J Andrews 6-2-0   10th G Callaghan 5-2-0
11th M Hornblow 4-14-0   12th J Baker 4-10-0   13th I Carey 3-4-0   14th M Williams 3-3-0   15th B Willis 1-15-0
16th P Budaji 1-14-0   17th I Stewart 0-12-0   18th S Protheroe 0-4-0
26 Pike Match Osier Lake  
Results  1st M Gower 31lb 4oz   2nd A Ivens 20lb 8oz   3rd J Baker   17lb 4oz   4th I Stewart 5lb 0oz
5th K Wilkins dnw    5th  F Northway dnw    5th G Ives dnw    5th B Wllis dnw    5th T Holt  dnw    5th B Williams dnw
2 R&DAA River Kennet  
9 Club Match Froxfield B Points
Results  1st M Hornblow 7-8-0   2nd J Baker 4-6-0   2nd P Godfrey  4-6-0   3rd K Wilkins 3-10-0
4th J Ambrose 2-15-0    5th  S Tucker 2-8-0    6th L Wilby 2-3-0    7th S Tucker 1-9-0     8th P Budaji 1-1-0
9th G Callaghan 1-0-0    10th D Bosher dnw    10th G Moss dnw
16 Club Match Goring Upper Points
Results  1st A Ivens 2-2-0   2nd G Callaghan 2-0-0    3rd P Godfrey 1-8-0   4th M Hornblow 1-5-0
5th  J Baker 1-1-0    6th T Holt 0-14-0    7th J Ambrose 0-12-0     7th L Kemp 0-12-0     7th J Berry 0-12-0   
L Wilby 0-10-0    9th K Wilkins 0-9-0    9th P Budaji 0-9-0     10th D Bosher 0-7-0
23 Club Match Wallingford B Points
Results 1st J Ambrose 3-14-0    2nd P Budaji 2-3-0     3rd A Wolsey 1-13-0    4th P Godfrey 1-7-0
5th T Holt 1-6-0     5th  J Berry 1-6-0    6th K Wilkins 0-14-0   6th J Baker 0-14-0   6th L Kemp 0-14-0
7th L Wilby 0-13-0    8th D Bosher dnw
30 Pike Match Beale Park  
7 R&DAA Froxfield  
14 XMAS Match Burghfied Points
Results 1st T Holt 13-4-0     2nd J Berry 4-10-0    3rd L Kemp 4-8-0    4th J Ambrose 3-14-0   5th P Godfrey 0-7-0 6th K Wilkins dnw   6th P Budaji dnw   6th D Bosher dnw   6th J Baker dnw   6th J Harding dnw   6th M Hornblow dnw 6th B Tucker dnw   6th L Wilby dnw   6th R Stephens dnw   6th I Stewart dnw   6th B Willis dnw   6th A Ivens dnw   6th S Tucker dnw   6th J Andrews dnw
21 Club Match Froxfield A Points
Results 1st  D Bosher 15-14-0   2nd J Andrews 14-15-0   3rd G Moss 7-15-0   4th J Baker 5-15-0
5th S Tucker 3-13-0 6th T Tibble 3-8-0   7th L Wilby 2-12-0   8th P Godfrey 2-11-0   9th J Ambrose 2-10-0
10th K Wilkins 2-6-0   11th M Williams 1-15-0   12th B Tucker 0-13-0   13th M Hornblow 0-11-0    13th P Budaji 0-11-0
28 Pike Match Osier Lake  
Results   M Gowers dnw     K Wilkins  dnw      F Northway dnw     P Godfrey dnw      I Stewart dnw      B Willis dnw
J Baker dnw     A Ivens dnw
Final Positions After 3 Matches:
1st  M Gowers 20pts     2nd  A Ivens 19pts       3rd  J Baker 18pts       4th I Stewart 17pts
January 2015
4 R&DAA Froxfield  
11 Club Match New Barlows  
Results 1st  A Ivens 7-13-0   2nd T Holt 4-9-0   3rd P Godfrey 3-4-0   4th L Wilby 2-7-0   5th D Bosher 1-5-0
6th G Callaghan 0-4-0   7th K Wilkins dnw   7th J Ambrose dnw   7th D Brent dnw   7th I Carey dnw
7th M Hornblow dnw
18 Club Match Froxfield B Points
Results 1st J Baker 7-1-0    2nd K Wilkins 5-2-0   3rd P Godfrey 3-14-0   4th L Wilby 3-10-0   4th S Tucker 3-10-0 5th M Hornblow 3-6-0   6th B Tucker 2-5-0   7th D Bosher 2-4-0   8th J Ambrose 1-14-0   9th P Budaji 1-7-0
10th A Woolsey 1-3-0   11th S Lewis dnw
25 Club Match Soke Row  
Results 1st M Stanley 17-6-0   2nd J Ambrose 6-0-0   3rd t.holt 4-5-0   4th P Godfrey 3-5-0  5th G Callaghan 2-10-0 6th M Williams 1-9-0   7th D Bosher 0-10-0   8th P Budaji 0-1-0   9th I Carey dnw   9th A Ivens dnw
9th M Fairey dnw
1 R&DAA Froxfield  
8 Club Match Whitehouse  
Results 1st p.godfrey 2-10-0    2nd K Wilkins 0-1-0    3rd J Ambrose dnw    3rd J Berry dnw    3rd R Stephens dnw   
3rd P Budaji dnw    3rd T Holt dnw    3rd A Ivens dnw    3rd M Hornblow dnw
15 Club Match New Barlows  
Results 1st P Budaji 13-2-0   2nd D Brent 9-1-0    3rd G Callaghan 8-8-0    4th M Williams 7-4-0
5th I Carey 5-11-0    6th J Ambrose 3-0-0    7th T Holt 1-11-0    8th K Wilkins dnw
1 R&DAA Froxfield  
8 Club Match Beat 5B Points
Results 1st J Baker 5-0-0     2nd D Bosher 4-3-0     3rd J Berry 1-12-0     4th K Wilkins 1-11-0     5th L Wilby 0-7-0
6th A Woolsey 0-0-4     6th P Godfrey 0-0-4     6th T Holt 0-0-4    7th P Budaji dnw    7th L Kemp dnw
15 Club Match Whitehouse  
Results 1st J Andrews 15-4-0    2nd D Bosher 6-13-0     3rd P Godfrey 4-1-0     4th G Callaghan 1-15-0
5th P Budaji 0-1-0    6th K Wilkins dnw     6th J Berry dnw     6th D Brent dnw     6th A Ivens dnw
22 Club Match Soke Row  
Results 1st G Callaghan 12-1-0     2nd P Budaji 10-13-0     3rd J Ambrose 8-3-0     4th I Carey 8-2-0
5th K Wilkins 3-11-0     6th P Godfrey 1-8-0     7th T Holt 0-10-0     8th A Ivens dnw
8th D Bosher dnw     8th M Williams dnw
29 Club Match New Barlows  
Results 1st G Callaghan 20-0-0   2nd J Ambrose 15-12-0   3rd P Budaji 14-4-0   4th D Bosher 8-4-0
5th A Ivens 7-10-0   6th J Thumbwood 5-10-0   7th P Godfrey 5-0-0   8th M Williams dnw
8th I Carey dnw    8th D Brent dnw
5 Club Match Soke Row (Pairs Match)  
12 Club Match Wylies Lake  
19 Club Match Tapperns Lake  
26 Club Match Child Beale Lake  
3 Club Match Whitehouse  
10 Club Match Froxfield A  
16/17 Work Party Weekend Tapperns, Osier and Childe Beale Lakes  
24 Club Match New Barlows  
31 Club Match Child Beale Lake (Champions Salver)  
31 (End of 2014/15 Match Season)  
6 Club Presentation Night - (Purley Bowls Club)  
7 (Start of 2015/16 Match Season)  
14 Club Match Wylies Lake  
All club Matches are draw and go.
All R&DAA Matches Draw at 8.00 am at the Café opposite The Cunning Man Pub, Burghfield Road.
Point's matches are indicated.
When booking in with Thames Valley Angling for R&DAA Matches the place of draw will be indicated and anglers must book in by 2.00 pm on the Saturday prior to the match and £5.00 booking fee must accompany the booking.
All entries to Reading Fishing Club matches must be phoned in no later that 2.00 p on the Saturday prior to the match.
Pairs Match Entry £1.00
Match Secretary:  K Wilkins   Mobile: 07765 996735    Home: 0118 941 8426
Thames Valley Angling:  0118 9428249
Work Party:  Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th May
9.00 am start Tapperns & Osier lakes
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