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Reading Fishing Club Fixture List 2012/2013

Date Designation Venue Notes
15 Club Match Tapperns Lake  
Results   1st  J Ambrose  12-15-0      2nd  L Wilby     12-3-0      3rd   S Tucker    8-6-0     
27 Club Match Tapperns Lake (Roach Only)  
Results   1st  J Ambrose  2lb-10-0      2nd  D Bosher     1lb-14-0
10 Club Match Tapperns Lake (AlI In)  
24 Club Match Switched from Cottage Lane Lake 3 to Child Beale Lake
Results   1st  P Godfrey 24lb-2-0      2nd  K Wilkins 5lb 12-0
1 R&DAA River Kennet  
15 Club Match Swithched from Benyons to Tapperns Points
Results   1st  P Godfrey  24-10-0      2nd  J Berry     13-6-0      3rd   D Cox    11-12-0      4th   B Tucker    4-6-0
5th   D Bosher 1-12-0     6th  A  Ivans    1-12-0      7th   L Wilby   1-8-0    8th   K Wilkinson   1-7-0
9th  T Holt   0-13-0
22 Club Match Wallingford B  
Results   1st  T Littlewood  9-13-0      2nd  P Godfrey     7-12-0      3rd   F Jones    6-7-0       4th   A Ivans  6-0-0
29 Club Match Tapperns Lake (Float Only) Points
Results      1st    J Berry 41-14-0    2nd    J Baker 20-12-0   3rd   S Tucker 10-13-0     4th   P Godfrey 5-6-0
5 R&DAA River Kennet  
12 Club Match Beats 3A &3B (K/O) Points
Results      1st    D Cox  11-12-0    2nd    D Bosher 5-13-0   3rd   L Wilby  3-4-0     4th   A White  3-2-0
19 Club Match Switched from Lower Benyons to Child Beale Points
Results      1st    J Berry 6-0-0    2nd    D Bosher 5-2-0   3rd   L Wilby 3-10-0     4th   P Budjay 3-4-0
26 Club Match BBQ Tapperns  
Results      1st    J Berry 29-2-0    2nd    T Littlewood 8-8-0   3rd   L Wilby 6-2-0     4th   T Holt 1-10-0
2 R&DAA River Kennet  
9 Club Match Beat 5 Points
Results      1st    J Berry 9-12-0    2nd    F Jones 9-1-0   3rd   D Cox 5-14-0     4th   P Godfrey 4-15-0
16 Club Match Beat 4 Points
Results  1st P Godfrey 12-1-0 2nd  A Ivans 6-6-0   3rd G Moss 5-4-0 3rd  J Ambrose 5-4-0
                 5th K Wilkins 4-1-0 6th T Littlewood 2-5-0 7th T Holt 2-1-0 8th P Budaji 1-9-0
23 Club Match Goring (K/O) Points
Results  1st P Godfrey 3-0-0 2nd  T Littlewood 1-2-0   3rd P Budaji 1-0-0  4th  D Bosher 0-14-0
                 5th F Jones 0-10-0 6th D May 0-9-0 7th K Wilkins 0-8-0 7th G Moss 0-8-0 9th J Ambrose 0-6-0

                 10th  A Ivans0-3-0 11th T Holt 0-2-0
30 Club Match Child Beale River Points
Results  1st K Wilkins 11-7-0 2nd  P Budaji 8-15-0   3rd J Baker 8-0-0 4th  J Berry 7-2-0
                 5th T Holt 4-6-0 6th A Ivans 4-1-0 7th S Protheroe 0-2-8
7 R&DAA River Kennet  
14 Club Match Wallingford B Points
Results  1st J Ambrose 9-12-0    2nd P Godfrey 7-7-0    3rd T Tibble 6-14-0    4th E Cichoki 5-10-0
5th J Baker 4-3-0   6th S Lewis 3-9-0   7th T Littlewood 3-8-0   8th P Budaji 3-2-0   9th J Berry 2-2-0
10th G Moss 2-0-0   11th D Bosher 1-15-0   12th A Ivans 1-11-0   13th A White 1-7-0   14th L Kemp 0-13-0
15th S Protherow 0-2-0
21 Club Match Tapperns Lake match switched from Child Beale
Results  1st T Littlewood 4-4-0    2nd A Ivans 1-14-0    3rd J Berry 0-13-0    4th J Ambrose 0-10-8
5th P Godfrey 0-8-0    6th K Wilkins 0-7-0    6th T Holt 0-7-0    8th M Fairey 0-4-0
28 Club Match Beat 5 (K/O) Points
Results  1st J Berry 21-6-0 (Six Chub)    2nd F Jones 2-15-0    3rd K Wilkins 2-8-0
4th  A White 0-14-8    5th P Budaji 0-3-0    6th P Godfrey 0-0-4      (7 dry nets)
4 R&DAA Froxfield Canal  
11 Club Match Salmon Cut switched from Midgham  
Results   1st  D Bosher  3-0-0      2nd  J Berry   2-4-0      3rd   J Ambrose   1-1-8       4th   D May  0-12-0
18 Club Match Goring Points
Results  1st D Bosher 3-3-0    2nd L Wilby 1-3-0    3rd  J Berry and A Ivans 0-9-0    5th T Holt 0-7-0
6th T Littlewood 0-5-8      7th  E Cichoki 0-4-0    8th P Godfrey 0-0-4
25 Club Pike Tapperns  
11 Fished - No Pike Caught!!
2 R&DAA Froxfield Canal  
23 Club Match Burghfield Xmas Match Switched to new Barlows Tadley Points
Results  1st J Berry 15-8-0 2nd  J Ambrose 10-13-0   3rd D Bosher 7-8-0  4th  K Wilkins6-2-0
                 5th F Jones 5-2-0 6th A Ivans2-4-0 7th J Baker 2-3-0 7th P Godfrey 2-1-0 9th T Littlewood 1-15-0

                10th  L Wilby 0-8-0
30 Club Pike Child Beale Lake (postponed until Jan 20th)
January 2013
6 R&DAA Froxfield Canal  
Results   1st  T Holt   1-8-0 (All Bleak)     2nd  K Wilkins   1-6-0 (One Chub)     3rd   P Godfrey   0-5-0 (Bleak)
13 Club Match Padworth Canal  
20 Club Pike Child Beale Lake (postponed from 30th December)
Results   1st  P Godfrey   7-6-0       2nd  K Wilkins   7-4-0
27 Club Match Froxfield A Points
Results 1st  T Littlewood 14-6-0 Mostly Perch 2nd  A White 2-8-0 3rd   P Godfrey  0-4-0 4th K Wilkins 0-2-0
3 R&DAA Froxfield Canal  
10 Club Pike Osier Lake  
17 Club Match Froxfield A switched from Beat 5 Points
Results  1st T Littlewood 14-4-0  2nd  A Ivens 4-11-0   3rd T Holt 3-4-0  4th  J Ambrose 2-13-0
                 5th N Bearman 1-11-0   6th  K Wilkins 1-10-0  7th P Godfrey 0-14-0   8th P Budjai 0-4-0
3 R&DAA    
10 Club Match Beat 4 (K/O) Points
*Cancelled Due To High Water*
7 Club Match Brown-Lee Pool  
14 Club Match Tapperns Lake  
Results   1st  J Berry   9-2-0       No one else caught!
5 Club Match Cottage Lane  
12 Club Match Froxfield B  
26 Club Match Tapperns Lake (Roach Only)  
Results 1st  A Ivens 16-12-0  2nd  D White 10-11-0 3rd   D May  9-13-0 4th J Berry 5-8-0
(K/O)   Knockout
All Club Matches are Draw and Go.
All R&DAA Matches Draw 8.00 Farnham Flint except Froxfield.
Points Matches are indicated.
When booking in with Thames Valley Angling place of draw will be advised.
Anglers must book in by 2.00 PM on the Saturday prior to the R&DAA match.
£5.00 entry fee must accompany booking.
All entries to Reading Fishing Club matches must be phoned in no later than 2.00 pm on Saturday. Entries after that time will not be accepted.
Knock out entry £1.00     Pairs Match Entry: £1.00
Match Secretary: John Berry 07877 273929
Thames Valley Angling: 0118 9428249
WORK PARTIES: Saturday 14th April, commencing 9.00 am
Fishing on Osier Lake follows the closed season rule, i.e. between June 16th and March 14th. Junior Anglers under the age of 16 may only fish this lake if accompanied by a senior club member.
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