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Reading Fishing Club Fixture List & Results 2011/2012

Date Designation Venue Notes
19 Club Match Tapperns Lake Points
Results   1st D Bosher 26 lb-15-0      2nd D Cox 21 lb-6-0      3rd L Wilby 10 lb-12-0      4th T Holt 5 lb-2-0
26 Club Match Child Beale River Points
Results   1st P Godfrey 59 lb-2-0      2nd G Moss 29 lb-6-0      3rd S Tucker 13 lb-4-0      4th L Wilby 7 lb-8-0
3 R&DAA River Kennet  
10 Club Match Calcot B Points
Results   1st D Cox 4 lb-0-0      2nd D Bosher 3 lb-10-0      3rd P Godfrey 2 lb-6-0      4th T Littlewood 2 lb-5-0
17 Club Match Brown Lee Pool  
Results   1st J Baker 6 lb-10-0      2nd D Bosher 6 lb-1-0      3rd J Berry 4 lb-14-0      4th D Cox 3 lb-8-8
31 Club Match Tapperns (no carp) (KO)  
Results   1st T Littlewood 19lb-15ozs     2nd P Godfrey 14lb-0-ozs     3rd T Tibble 7lb-14ozs     4th T Holt 6lb-2ozs
7 R&DAA River Kennet  
14 Club Match Beats 4A & 4B Points
Results   1st D Bosher 12-0-0     2nd T Tibble 9-14-0     3rd M Stanley 8-2-0     4th L Wilby 6-15-0
21 Club Match Goring Points
Results   1st P Godfrey 17-0-0    2nd J Berry 13-12-0     3rd T Tibble 9-11-0    4th D Bosher 9-7-0
28 Club Match BBQ Tapperns  
Results   1st J Berry   13lbs-11-0  2nd D Cox   3lbs-9-0    3rd P Godfrey   3lbs-4-0  4th L Wilby   1lb-7-0
4 R&DAA River Kennet  
11 Club Match Beats 4A &4B Points
Results  1st G Moss 7lbs-10ozs    Joint 2nd   T Littlewood & W Tucker 6lbs-10ozs     4th D Cox  5lbs-10ozs
18 Club Match Beat 5 (KO) Points
Results   1st J Baker  11lbs-6-0  2nd D Bosher   9lbs-13-0    3rd T Littlewood   8lbs-15-0  4th L Wilby   8lbs-11-0
25 B.B. Memorial (Phone Basingstoke Angling)  
2 R&DAA River Kennet  
9 Club Match Wallingford Points
Results1st Jason Goddard16lb-11oz 2nd Mick Fairey 8lb-12oz Joint 3rd Dave Bosher 8lb-1oz Alan Prince 8lb-1oz 14 Fished - Total match weight just shy of 100lb Catches included bream, tench, perch, roach and dace
16 Club Match Beat 4  
Results  1st  J Ambrose  76lbs-1-0  2nd  D Cox   4lbs-0-0  3rd  P Godfrey  3lbs-8-0  4th  T Littlewood   1lb-8-0
30 Club Match Sandford (Thames) Points
Results   1st  G Moss 11-0-0     2nd   J Baker 6-4-0     3rd   M Stanley 4-3-0     4th   T Holt 3-4-0
6 R&DAA River Kennet  
13 Club Match Froxfield B  
Results   1st  G Moss 11-14-00   2nd  R Stevens 11-4-00  3rd   G Callaghan 10-3-00    4th   T Tibble 8-9-0
20 Club Match Goring Points
Results 1st G Moss 9-5-0  2nd  M Fairey  2-9-0 3rd L Wilby 0-15-0 4th L Kemp 0-8-8   5th J Berry 0-3-0
27 Club Match Tapperns  
Results  1st  F Northway 18-8-0      2nd   K Wilkins 10-3-0       3rd  J Baker  2-4-0    
4 R&DAA    
11 Club Match Wallingford B (KO)  
Results  1st  J Berry 11-12-0  2nd   K Wilkinson 7-7-0   3rd   L Wilby  4-6-0    4th  J Baker 4-0-0
18 Club Match Burghfield River Points
Results 1st J Berry 2 chub 8-12-0 2nd L Kemp 1 chub 5-9-0 3rd G Moss1 chub 4-9-0 4th T Littlewood1 chub 3-0-0
25 X Mas Day Christmas Match  
January 2012
1 R&DAA    
8 Club Pike Child Beale Lake  
Results  One pike caught by Alan Clark  11lbs 12ozs
15 Club Match Child Beale Lake Points
Results 1st T Littlewood 4-9-0 2nd L Wilby 2-14-8
29 Club Pike Match Osier  
Results  1st  Jeff (two fish) 13-0-0      2nd   K Wilkins (two fish) 8-4-0       3rd  Alan Clark (one fish)  8-2-0
Final Result After Three Matches
1st Alan Clark 18 points 19-0-0     2nd Keith Wilkins 18 points 18-7-0      3rd Frank Northway 17 points 25-0-0
5 R&DAA    
26 Club Match Child Beale River Points
Results  16 fished, no one caught
11 Beats 5A & 5B    
Results 1st M Stanley 10-13-0 2nd J Berry 10-08-0 3rd J Baker 3-14-0 4th T Littlewood 2-2-0
5th M Fairey 1-15-0 6th A Ivan 0-5-0